About Us

AngelPlum Pastries is a family owned and operated bakery in Tampa, Florida and has been in business for years, established in 2009. We are known for our intricate cake designs specialty cakes, cupcakes and wedding cakes that look just as good as they taste.

Sade' Plummer, "baker"began baking and decorating back at her daughter's first birthday party, when then at the time we could not find a cake to be made to her liking. She then decided to try her hand in not only baking the cake but also designing the cake to her liking. It began with just one cake and blossomed into a passion for designing and creating masterpieces out of cakes, other baked goods, and pastry treats. Today Sade' has grown her presence as one of the best bakers in the business and for her delicious custom sweets she delivers to her clients all homemade and sprinkled with a lot of love!

We look to treat our patrons as family and bring about a family experience to be not only tasteful but memorable as well. Thank you all so much and look forward to bringing you all a TASTE OF HEAVEN!


AngelPlum Pastries LLC 

Brandon, FL 

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